Photography on location

I photograph you whereever you need me. I simply set up my mobile studio on site and bring along my extenxive equipment. All you want for a perfect depiction of you I will provide for it. You get everything from one source.

Business Photography

One important point to ensure your business’ success are good photos of yourself. These photos should express the message you and your business have for your clients. Tell me who and how you are, what you want to sell or offer, what you want to achieve, what your core values and your ideals are . . . . And I express all that in the photos I take of you.

Together we discuss what posture, look, clothing, colors, accessoires and which locations are helpful for the message you want to express. And then we start so shoot. Creatively, intuitively and with a relaxing laugh in my mobile photo studio I create a versatile photo art work: for your website, Facebook profile, newsletter, advertising campaigns, . . .

Your vision becomes an image.
Your mission becomes visible.
Your success becomes tangible.
Touch your customers with a clear and personalised message.

Image Compilations

Art and photography are inseparable.

All compilations are available as print. For questions about image size, the carrier material and other things around the picture, please contact me by mail.

Coaching through Photography

Self-acceptance is the basis for a contented and balanced life. With old, current and new photos of yourself,  together with me as your coach, you will get to know and accept yourself from another side and thus become stronger and more confident in expressing your personality.

More about my business with Coaching and Coaching through Photography Giulietta Bresadola Coaching | Fotografie.