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Behind every great photo is an artist and storyteller.

My personal fascination with photography is the observation and capture of moments and details. I photograph people and personalities – of course or staged. I document architecture and nature. On location. In Catalunya, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Short Story

About My Philosophy

I’m so keen on finding people who are interested in jump into a new adventure. Let yourself photograph and experience a completely new way of perception of your personality. .
I depict your soul, your innermost essence, your pure self.
And as an important notice, my studio is located in Barcelona. So, combine a holiday trip with an awesome and empowering experience.

My way of working therefore corresponds to approaching from the outside to the inside, from far to near. The result is photographs that are objective or even narrative, images that carry my own signature as a photographer. With a pictorial language that concentrates on the essential and honest, and sometimes on the surprising and on the image behind the image. With a second, third look, the only thing that really makes the being visible.

Just to keep it short: photographies with my own handwriting as a photographer!

Let´s slow down,

and make some magic.

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